Pam's Bazaar is a family-owned online boutique, specializing in products with a Bohemian-Rustic vibe. We especially like things that are Handmade, Artisan Designed, Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, Naturally Healing, and Holistic. 

All of the clothing in our store has been ethically sourced, meaning that it is either made in the U.S.A or, if imported, it is "Fair Trade." In fact, many of our non-apparel products are also Artisan-made and Fair Trade. Fair Trade products create opportunity for economically disadvantaged populations. All of our Fair Trade products are clearly marked in the product descriptions, but if you have any questions about a product's origin, please contact us at


Zen Canyon® Brand Products


Pam's Bazaar is home to the Zen Canyon® brand of Apparel; Magnetic, Healing, and Fair Trade Jewelry; and Fair Trade Craft Supplies, including our popular hand-carved bone buttons and pendants. Our bone handicrafts are not only high quality but are also biodegradable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. We are always adding to our collection of bone handicrafts, and we also take custom orders for bone buttons in bulk quantities of 100 or more. Contact us at for more information. 


A Note About Our Handmade Products


Each of the handcrafted products offered in our store is unique, so there may be slight variations from the images you see on our website. We do our best to represent and describe each piece as accurately as possible, but please read the description carefully, and if you have any specific questions about a product, feel free to contact us before placing an order.

Many of the woven fabrics used to make our Fair Trade cotton products are weaved in the traditional methods of either foot loom or back-strap loom, depending on the product and origin. These skills are typically passed down from generation to generation, and many of these artisan weavers devote all day to their craft. Due to the hand-woven process, there may be slight imperfections in the fabric.


About Zen Canyon® Magnetic and Gemstone Jewelry


Magnet Therapy and Gemstone Therapy are alternative medical practices that use static magnets and gemstones to alleviate pain and other health concerns. At Zen Canyon®, we believe in the healing power of naturally occurring stones and metals. Our Magnetic Therapy Jewelry line is made from high quality materials including copper, magnetic hematite, agate, amethyst, aventurine, freshwater pearls, amber, quartz, and other natural gemstones.

Zen Canyon® makes no claim that any of our products will heal any particular ailment. Additionally, Magnetic Jewelry is NOT recommended for any person with a pacemaker. We encourage you to research these therapies on your own to make an informed purchase.


Our Packaging


Most of the packaging for our Zen Canyon® products is reusable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials. Our Magnet Therapy Jewelry is packaged in jewelry boxes made from 100% recycled materials. Our Fair Trade Jewelry, Pendants, and Beads are packaged in handmade cloth drawstring bags and are suitable to reuse as coin/change purses, storage bags, and makeup bags. 


Calling All Artisans


Our mission at Pam's Bazaar is to cater to the bohemian in all of us by offering authentic products with beautiful designs. As part of this mission, we are always looking for new products created by artisans both local and abroad. If you are an artist promoting a unique collection, and you'd like to be featured in our "Artist Spotlight," feel free to contact us at Please include a brief introduction with a photo of your work for consideration.